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You must be in control of yourself before you can control your performance. Biofeedback is an excellent strategy for gaining awareness and control of the body’s natural stress signals. Dr. Strack’s awareness training techniques are instrumental to improving mental toughness and reaching one’s full potential.

Ken Ravizza, Ph.D. Sport Psychology Consultant (Los Angeles Dodgers, Anaheim Angels Baseball Clubs) Author of “Heads-Up Baseball: Playing the game one pitch at a time

The one phrase that comes to mind when describing Proball is open-minded. Unlike other programs, Proball allows a hitter to work within his swing rather than forcing him to hit with a specific stance, style, and approach. They encourage two way communication and implement specific philosophies that are seen within the swings of major league hitters. Proball also attacks hitting from the mental side of the game. Not many instructors talk about your mental approach, however, I have learned, through Proball’s instructors, that to be successful you must have an inner balance and belief that you are going to succeed… they help you try to reach this mental balance.

Dom Robusto, College baseball player

I have been training at ProBall since the summer leading into my senior year at Cal St. Fullerton. At that time I was a third baseman attempting to become a pitcher. A year later I pitched in the College World Series and was drafted by the Seattle Mariners. ProBall not only has the best instructors in the area, it also provides the best environment for learning, focusing, and getting better. Anyone who is serious about improving their game should train at ProBall.

Bryan Harris, Seattle Mariners

The newest technological advancement in professional sport is shaping levels of attention and concentration for competition. Now you can take your “Brain” to the weight room (on a computer) for Thinking Faster and Getting into the Zone. Nearly every competitive athlete can benefit from the speed training and mental endurance conditioning provided by Dr. Ben Strack.

Wes Sime, Ph.D., MPH, Ph.D. Professor University of Nebraska, Sport/Health Psychologist; Former Sport Psychologist, Kansas City Royals

Dr. Strack’s training program is a great way to raise the bar on your performance accomplishments. He teaches self-discipline techniques that will increase your focus and concentration and help you gain a mental edge on your competition.

Shawn Green, Former MLB Player