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Rick Stokes -Professional Hitting Instructor, Weight Training & Speed/Agility Training

(714) 651-1372

Personal Background:

Coach Rick Stokes is a Certified Personal Trainer. He provides advanced training in strength and conditioning and speed and agility.

Balance, flexibility, coordination, explosiveness and the ability to shift your body quickly during lateral movement are critical components to athletic success in all sports. Coach Stokes uses the latest strategies and equipment to help you improve your game.

Baseball Background:

Rick Stokes has 16 years of experience organizing and directing youth summer camps, 7 years experience conducting private lessons, and 11 years coaching competitive travel ball teams. Rick has participated in round tables and “think tanks” to discuss hitting mechanics with top MLB players such as: Ken Griffey Jr., Miguel Tejada, Adam Dunn and Kevin Millar. Coach Stokes offers a very positive approach to teaching the game of baseball and is well known for his ability to keep his players highly motivated to excel.

Available For Instruction In:

• Explosive Movement and burst of speed

• Quickness in your lower body

• Stride frequency when exiting the batter’s box

• Footwork Precision

• Stop-and-go efficiency